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Joining Dragons


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anyone else used the console to join the dragons faction (~ help dragon 4 then page up until you see fact:(forgot code) i have had wild fun with it fighting guards (no bounty due to joining dragons) even better for MH fans theirs a rathalos skin retex on the nexus.

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is that possible? cool


Yeah just use the ~ type help dragon 4 then pres page up until you see FACT: find the one that says draogn faction then `addfac Faction code 7(7 is player id spawns a genric character based off you but is not a copy aside form race and other design choices) be warned though some npcs that may be quest related such as a guard or guards in makrath for the forsworn quest are essential so they cant die but spawning elder dragons with rathalos skin and setting 5 of them to munch on gaurds while a stab them with two daedric swords= sheer fun on my cheat file :)


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