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First and foremost. This game desperately needs a male takeover mod like was made for fallout 4. Replacing all generic female NPCs with male NPCs. The whole game is one giant taco party and that's grating on many levels. If someone could please make this happen I'd be very grateful. 

Next a male body mod. Even if you max out the ol' muscles the men still look like puny soy boys. 

Lastly I'd like all of the default presets to be swapped out for good looking male presets. That would make SLM 14 + CAPP much easier when changing the looks of various NPCs. Also most of the default presets are ugly, and what's with all the skin marks...yes they can add some character to the face, but even in life I don't see half as many people with those sorts of blemishes. 

Thank you in advance to whoever my mod making friend will be!

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Hi everyloverslabFan and thanks to You Gayingeverything to open this thread ...


  I was really annoyed in Skyrim about changing all theses girls, and certain mods make you have sex with, no regard about Gender... and I really think it's quiet normal... because all the straight guys play usually a female character...

I d'ont understand  why, but ok... everyone play with there own fantasies.


  I just began Starfield, and again the NPCS are really Ugly... My god when you see all the modder works, making so great things Bethesda can thanks them, as us. And Bethesda can learn about it.


I still using MTO with other males mods...and I really agree with you, we need one in Starfield... or a way like fallout 4 to change the NPCS the way you want too.


And we are just in the beginning of Starfield modding history... let's see the surprises of the modder community comming soon ... Merci encore à tous..


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