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New rape system idea


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I had this idea for a rape mod that would be more immersive:

if the player were to rape and npc, the player would have to cripple him/her, say cripple both legs or cripple arms. the npc would then fall to the ground and a menu would pop up for the player, giving three choices;

1)rape the npc, which would turn the npc friendly and he/she would not get up for lets say 30 sec. in that time the player could walk over to the npc and activate the person to arpe them

2)let the npc go, which would turn the npc friendly and he/she would get up after 10 sec or so and then run away

3)kill the npc, which would keep him/her hostile and they would not get up for 5 seconds


the same goes for if the pc is raped. if your character has his/her legs crippled or something else of the sort, the pc would go unconcious, or kneel down or something, and them the npc you either turn friendly and let you go(maybe some dialogue), walk over to you and rape you, or just keep shooting or beating you (player would get up after 2 sec or so if the npc just wants to kill you) This would all be done by random, maybe some varibles as in the gender of the person, whether he/she straight or gay, faction, and so on (making this configuarable would be awesome)


so sorry for slapping all you nice people in the face with a wall of text, but i have no kowledge of how to mod and i know many of you do.

this system would also get rid of the 'only raped by melee combat' type we have now.

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I don't like the Idea very much.

You see, mostly rape happens without having to break someones limbs, you can simply hold them down for the time being.

Also - I think this system is a bit too complicated (My guess is, that it's quite a workload - moddingwise) and not really as immersive as you stated. (considering you'd have to do the same procedure _every_ time. Not that a "rape punch" is in any way better, but it's at least easier)

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A bit beside the topic but how about adding a feature like this. Something shoots/swings/explodes at your PC and cripples any part of her(his?) body and that increases the chance to get raped a ton if not guarantees it. Ofc there has to be someone at range to do the raping.


Just my 2 cents. :P

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I can see being crippled increasing the chance in the current system, I just don't see it being better or more realistic that you have to turn your target into a quadrupalegic.

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Alright not so much having to cripple someone but having them being knocked down like in skyrim when your attacking someone and they get down to low health some people end up falling down from exhaution and such and i think that having someone get raped then is better then the rape punch

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