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Testure Misaligned


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That head mesh is obviously scaled up to 1.17 and the old texture are incompatibility with the new scaled head. =w=;


There is two way to solve it.

1. fix the texture using photoshop by transform-scaling the face manually.

2. redirect the entire character texture path to any x117 character folder.


Trust me, i know. I've been doing this ever since i started modding. But this community doesn't allow their member to talk about x.117 freely despite LL's primary..'orientation'.


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The attachment below describe everything bizarre about LL in general ..Or at least on a personal level. :shy:


perverted mods r srs bns!

by the way how does one go about editing a head texture? i'd like to do one for head06 since it is a pretty good head mesh.




Open the dds texture you want to edit with photoshop. Of course this require Nividia dds photoshop plugins to open the file, once you get the file open you can do all kind of nifty editing with it.

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I don't think it has anything to do with X117. I have X117 races that use vanilla textures fine, all depends on the head mesh and its UV layout. Head06, RenHead, DigitalGirl, all have a slightly different UV. Whether you scale it up to 1.17 has no bearing at all on the UV-layout. No need to go messing about with textures, unless you specifically want this texture to fit this head. Otherwise, just point the race to the right head mesh or replace the texture with a fitting one.

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I managed to fix the helm by just renaming the deadric helm files to something else. Fixed the eyes by install MBP 2ch again.


I have no clue how to fix the eyebrows. In simple plain english, how would I replace the head mesh or point it or whatever I need to do to fix it. If there's a mod that just fixes it and uses HGEC, that would be perfect.


Sorry I am a noob when it comes to this. And I don't have photoshop or any other package apart from MS Paint.



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It's not as scary as you imagine, it can be your best friend once you know it. I've been hanging around with it almost in 6 month ago.


The oblivion CS wiki has all the basic lesson mastering it in one week. Like sheogorath said:


"It can move mountains! It can mount movements!"


.funny guy.

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