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SG face texture + Fair skin complexion


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I want to use SGs face texture with fair skin body textures but that will create a terrible neckseam, so I tried to use Calientes TexBlend and followed the instructions for "Remove neck seam" but that made no difference at all. Is there another way to achieve this?

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I would suggest experimenting with swapping out normal and specular maps to try to hide the seam if you are looking to keep the diffuse map (or some combination thereof). For example for CBBE: I've been using the FSC diffuse, fitness body normal (original CBBE head), and the specular map from... I don't remember where I picked up the specular (tan and shine?). I never had much luck getting diffuse maps from two textures to match up either.   

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The diffuse map is the .dds that provides the color, the normal map is the _msn.dds that provides the "texture" for the skin (eg pores and muscle definition), and the specular (_s.dds) is the shiny. I try to keep these maps from the same mod to improve the look of the seams as my CBBE texture build from my above post shows. There's a post somewhere around here that does a much better job of explaining it but I will need to dig around a bit to find it again.


What I do is build a folder on my desktop with the folder structure for the skin textures and pick and choose the files I want from the mods, archive it, then toss it in a mod manager to try them out. I use wrye so it's really easy, but it can be done with NMM as well (if you use NMM, make sure to back the folder up first). I can send you an example that I used recently for CBBE if you're interested. I can also post it on here, but I'd have to figure out what permissions the original mod authors require first. 


Edit: Found the link: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21438-tipstutorial-making-beautiful-female-characters/. There's a section on textures at the bottom of the OP. I kind of wish that had been written a few months ago to save me a hell of a lot of time in trial and error.

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