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If you just install Sexlab 1.2 and notice 1.2 hotfix, you don't need it since the fix already included in the main download already.


Have you read the OP carefully, Ashal already provide installatio/upgrade instruction that can prevent your problem.



----- v1.20 Hotfix -----------------------------------------------------------------

The main download, SexLabFramework.v120.7z already includes this hotfix, so if you have not yet installed v1.20 ignore this section. If you have installed v1.20 before the release of this hotfix, you will need to download and install v120_hotfix.zip

The patch will fix an issue with animations continuing to loop after sex has ended. However, this fix also relies on the most recent release of FNIS, FNIS 4.0 Beta 4.2. With this version of FNIS or newer, be sure to update your FNIS behavior files files and you should be good to go.

Afterwards installing FNIS 4.0 beta 4.2 or newer, install the v120_hotfix.zip patch and rerun the FNIS for USERS tool.

----- IMPORTANT v1.20 Upgrade instructions ---------------------------
If using a version of SexLab from before v1.20, before installing v1.20 or newer follow these instructions.

With the old version of SexLab (v1.15b or older) still installed; load your save game.
Wait a couple seconds after you have loaded your save and navigate somewhere safe.
Open the Mod Configuration Menu for SexLab and navigate to the "Rebuild & Clean"
Run the bottom left option that page "Clean System" and close all menus.
Wait a few moments until you get a popup saying it has finished.
Open the in-game wait menu and wait a couple hours.
Save your game and quit
Proceed with installing the new version of SexLab by dragging and dropping it's files into your data folder, or using your mod organizer of choice.
Run GenerateFNISforUsers with any applicable patches, usually at least "Skeleton arm fix"
Load your save game from step 7
Wait a couple seconds after loading until you get the notification in the top left that SexLab has finished updating/installing.
You will have 2 Mod Configuration options that say "SexLab" in order to remove the now unused one, open the console and enter the following: setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1
Do whatever it is you people do with SexLab.

Do take note that v1.20 is a heavy rewrite of SexLab's coding. It it very likely the update may break some of the existing SexLab mods you have installed that have not yet updated to v1.20


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