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Lovers Joburg question

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At least I'm pretty sure it's in Joburg (unless it's in the base Lovers scripts).


And hi, first posting and all - been delaying playing Skyrim (waiting for mods to start at some point next year), and came across loverslab not too long ago (via Milk Slave armor from Nexus), and have been very impressed at how much can be done in Oblivion nowadays (I hadn't played Oblivion for like 2 or 3 years).


Wondering where/how to disable some of the conversations in Joburg - specifically the ones where a stalker bumps into you, but not from behind, and then initializes a dialog (after you get knocked down and then get back up).


Given that the stalker knocks you down (with the paralyze script/token, I think), it seems weird that he/she then would wait for you to get up to chat with you. In the context of the mod, it seems like he/she would just get on with whatever they were doing, instead of chat.


Is it a setting with disposition, or something else (a script that checks Field of View or whatever for the contact)?


I've looked around, but there are so many scripts I can't quite pinpoint where it's set to call the talk or just go ahead with an action.


Lover's Land also has something similar, but I don't use it. I really like the paralyze/knockdown of Joburg.


For Joburg, I added the NoDelay esp, and that seems to eliminate most of the chatter (which is more realistic, IMO), but not any initial chatter.

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