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Save fried?


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So I have no idea what happened, it all started about 3 or 4 weeks ago but now my game scripts take a while to load. Sexlab for instance no longer activates, sexis doesn't seem to activate for my character and initializing for an npc takes about 30 seconds before the notice pops up on the top left screen. My idle poses take forever to load or activate once I'm 1 minute into the game. Oh and there's a momentary lag when I open any menu that's crowded like mcm, magic, and item. Does this mean what I fear?


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I'm just going to copy/paste what i said in another topic. Hopefully this helps you:


Honestly, looking at my steam profile right now... I have 775 hours played of Skyrim. Thats right -- almsot 800 hours. Guess what my highest level character is?


Level 1.


I don't know how "new" you are to Bethsoft games, and I don't want to "insult your intelligence," but I have been playing since Morrowind and I know full well of the HUGE scale of bugs, glitches and errors these games come with. I have DELETED COUNTLESS saves with over a HUNDRED HOURS on them. Poof. Gone. I feel nothing .. because it's to be expected.


I am HUGELY anal about the payrus log, and you should be too. Whenever I start a new game, or add any new mods, I turn on the payrus logging and check for errors. If I see anything out of wack, or the shit is constantly spamming, I remove the mod and I *NEVER* save.

Also it looks like you have some sex mods in there .. and you're wondering about errors and CTDs...? Firstly, never save your game with any of that shit. I have some myself I play around with, but I never save; and when I want to return to normal playing, I restart the game and disable those mods. You realize half of them are ALPAH/BETA, right?

If you want a beautiful skyrim experience like I have (8KB Payrus log -- WOOT thats fucking BEAUTIFULLY small) and a nearly 95% Crash free and smooth-as-silk game, here is what you do:



2.) Download Skyrim from steam (dont be a jagmo and pirate) and fully update EVERYTHING.

3.) Download the Creation Kit and let it update everything.

4.) Set both Skyrim and CK to "do not automatically update this game" only after fully updating

5.) Install all unofficial patches

6.) Install Steve40's script fixes (all but the dunbluepalace one as I believe USKP fixed that without error)

7.) use TES5edit and clean Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, Hearthfiles.esm and Dragonborn.esm

8.) Install latest SKSE files and make sure NMM is using "Launch SKSE" and not "Launch Skyrim."

9.) Slowly start adding mods. Turn on papyrus logging when installing some "newly" made mods and check for errors. Don't forget to turn back off

10.) Edit your .INI files and tweak everything as needed. Do not add legacy/Oblivion .ini entries as they're junk and won't do anything

11.) Enjoy a beautiful experience!!





Also know Skyrim has a hard memory cap of 3.1GB no matter what you do or tweak. And of course do not pass your own vRAM limit (NOT RAM -- VIDEO RAM on your VIDEO CARD. My Titan has 6GB vRAM and my laptop card here in Japan has 2GB vRAM) -- so adding a bunch of 4096 textures or shadows is going to destory you.

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@OP Sounds the save has serious troubles, i'd suggest to use the save cleaner, but i don't think you'll have much improvement and probably you'll face the same issues soon again. Best bet would be to go back to an older save that works well, if you have one. Make sure you disable the nasty mod ones before you load that one.


@ Honesty If it's easy for you and time permitting of course, could you share a link for steve's40 fixes and maybe post your Load Order. I'm on the same boat  started recently Skyrim testing and testing and hardly playing at all, would be wonderful if i had a reference from an expert player as you.(and probably save tons of time). 


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