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maybe this better fits into han´s thread - if yes i can post that crap there .

guess not everyone had a look about the possibilities to get the game less flickering or running better/faster even if they have a nice PC .

cpu overclocking brings frames aswell but needs more power , causes heat and noise etc

my i7 2600 runs on stock (3.4) - overclocking to 4.3 would bring 50 frames instead of 40 ....


engine is hungry for frequenzy - quad core versus dual core: 2 cores r slightly slower , 3 rd core gives 5% . any other core does nothing says german pc site .

hopefully there comes a multicore patch and a DX11 shadow render path aswell . atm shadows look .....,terrible is a nice word for .

ini tweaks r easy to find via google ,that is obvious or look into HanPL problem/solution tread.

disabling Vsync can cause some issues ,whats ur experience ? tweak guide link http://forums.bethsoft.com/index.php?/topic/1280991-do-not-disable-vsync/

a fix should be on its way


for Nvidia users


1st:my meaning bout FXAA , it sucks donkeyballs .... blurs everything .

with a decent card u can select MSAA ingame + antialiasing transparency via driver






multisample eats not that much FPS but 8x supersample does for sure , like 50 %:-/

im around 40 fps at 1680x1050 with a gtx 560 ti oc with 4x SS + forced ambient occlusion which eats another 30% , how to force that stands below .

its playable for me , cause im more like a gfx whore than to reach 60+ frames for a smooth gameplay


2nd: try the NV inspector tool , like in oblivion + other games .

u can select ambient occlusion with the fallout Amb Occ Comp .

dont forget to activate it at common .

no compatibility bits needed or available atm , guys in the remove all flickering for eyecandy forum are working on it lol

just select antialiasing transparency or better SGSSAA - keeps textures quiet while moving ,without bluring , my opinion . i use 4x , eats a little more frames ...

not realy significant , like from 40 to 35 ...

site is in german , tool in english ,download above the comments


my settings :






not sure bout the negative lod bias setting at -1.000, effect is different to oblivion

play with it and tell me ur experience



a screenshot tool for ATI/NVidia .

u dont have to buy or even worse to pirate FRAPS !!

i mentioned the MSI Aterburner before , does the same and its free,google latest beta...


if u find other things or suggestions , pls post


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sorry , scratch the fallout 3 AO.

i tested this inside whiterun and used fast travel to other locations.

so i didnt realize that this fucks up the grass shadows in motion , outside the town and everywhere else :( maybe they r good for screenshots ....


use instead : 0x00000011 (Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion)

and ive seen that was posted on nexus aswell , to bad im slow ...

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