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Wicked Whims gameplay option disappeared

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I am a long time sims and WW user, WW has always been working for me and it stopped working since last month.


I have the most updated game and WW, other mods are updated, game option allows script mods, old WW file removed, etc, the basic troubleshooting was done. 

I even see WW notification pops up when I get into the game, but there is no Wicked Whims gameplay option anywhere.


I updated all the mods, but I do have quite a lot of mods though - UI extension, MCCC, Slice of Life, Longer party, 5 Column CAS.

I also have tons of cc.


Anyone has any idea what the problem may be?

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From what I see on Kawaii Stacie site Slice of Life is having tuning issues. Maybe better to remove it. Also check every single mod you have if it's not outdated.


Did you try new save file with only WW, Inapropriate Unlock and some animations added? With original WW settings folder in saves also removed so WW generates a new one?


Turbo made WW to be working even with base game alone, so something might be conflicting. Sometimes people get mods that don't work with WW (like downloading also Wonderful Whims by Turbodriver, which doesn't allow for Wicked to work).


I have to ask even if you did troubleshooting. Did you allow settings like this in WW?


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