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ERROR(2011): Wrong line in Behavior Template:

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Installed SexLabFramework.v115b and SexLab_v110_to_v115b_update


In game no crashes MCM recognized that Sexlab is installed.  Has options


Running FNIS getting following error:


Reading FNIS ...
Reading FNISBase ...
Reading SexLab ...
ERROR(2011): Wrong line in Behavior Template:  4  s -a DoggyStyle_A1_S1 DoggyStyle_A1_S1.hkx

I must be missing something.


Ja BaRouke

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Thank you for your responses.  I have followed the Ark of Truth and TnTTnt directions.  I also added the ZazAnimationPack_V0052.  I'm not sure what  to expect?  I am accustom to ASX which has a spell interface that allows for clear selections of the sex acts.  Judging from MCM on the SexLab framework I would expect much more variety.  I have an MCM interface in my Skyrim.  I only have an FNIS spell interface and all of the selections are cryptic and do not seem to pertain to ZazAnimationPack.


What am I missing?

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Not quite sure I understand you right.

You mean you have Sexlab Framework's MCM already right?


To use Sexlab ability, you have to install Sexlab compatible mods not just the framework.  After you install Sexlab mod, you will got new MCM of that mod to customize its function.


Try checking with the index page for Sexlab mod you may interest.


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I have it working now.  Main difficulty was when I followed one of the links to mods the list seemed to be WIPs.  As I newbie I did not want to travel down that road.  Found  the Romance mod and it works just fine.  Need to learn the controls next.


Thanks for the help.


Ja BaRouke

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