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Need help with armor mod


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Can someone please help me....I've downloaded all the armors....10 pack and 3 pack....put them all together in a folder on desktop...named it Alan's armor.....downloaded hjsplit....gonna use nmm to install....once I install armor I'm gonna install 1st person patch...but 1st person has a skeleton in it which I already am using xp32.... Do I need this skeleton ....won't it create a conflict? Next is breast size....there is 12 different options in this folder....do I just use one? This also has a skeleton in it? BBP armor has 4 options in folder....just install BBP folder normally? Triss hat....just install this normally? I'm a newb still learning how to mod skyrim....can someone please explain in detail how to install and what to install.... I did post help on the mod page a couple of days ago but no one is responding.... thank you very much

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