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Darth Vader armor for both FO3 and NV?


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Hey LL


There used to be Star Wars mods on the nexus for both games, with star Wars armor inside, but the uploaded got banned and then the Nv one dissapeared too. I particularly want the the Darth Vader armor included in both.


I don't suppose anyone has them/rescued them before deletion?


Edit: in fact, please could we 'collect' any lost Star Wars mods for both games in general? If the Vader one is missing, i'm sure others are, and i'm trying to collect Star Wars mods.


Edit2: Tracked down the NV version thanks to Google. http://www.fileplanet.com/218353/210000/fileinfo/Fallout:-New-Vegas---Star-Wars-Armor-Mod


Edit3: After hours of false links and dead ones, I found the FO3 version here... http://www.confrerie-des-traducteurs.fr/fallout/mods/armurerie/armures/star_wars_mod.php


So, I sort of filled my own request here. Woo! go me! But i'd still like others to share 'lost' mods, and i'll leave it here as a source for those also wishing to download the mods.

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