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How do I import and use boyslide for CBBE?


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Hey guys I feel really dumb for posting this but I can't figure out how to make this work. I have the CBBE models installed and now I want to use the bodyslider to change the shape of the models. Im not sure how I'd go about doing this.



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If you want to know how to convert Armors to Bodyslide - there is a whole Tutorial from the Mod offer.






If you want to know how do create Bodies with Bodyslide and "install/import" them to Skyrim - read the Readme included in the Bodyslide Folder (Skyrim/data/CalienteTools/Bodyslide)

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Right click bodyslide or bodyslide++ and run as administrator.


Then select your slider set, from the drop down on the left. So if you're using something like BBP then select that.


Now, in the preset drop down, pick a preset to either use, or have as a starting point. Then adjust the sliders yourself, and "saveas" for a new preset of your own. Remember to click on the "preview" button at the top to see the adjustments in real time.


Afterwards, you can either choose Build and it will create the new meshes and put them right into the correct folders. Or you choose "Build Multiple Groups" at which point you select all of the corresponding armor sets you have installed that support bodyslide.


With Build Multiple Groups, the application will then create the necessary meshes for all of your bodyslide supporting armor and clothing sets.


The first time you figure this all out and learn it, it seems daunting but then you'll get the hang of it so you can create presets of your own and keep adjusting them till they're just right. 

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