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Sex Mod In Gmod

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From the years of 2003 through 2010 I was curious about this. All I found were "poses" people did.

As far as I know, the short answer right now is no.


I have even considered making it happen myself, then life happened and I decided that wasn't worth doing.


Is that Too Much Info? Well. What I fear is if/when somebody does make this a thing, it's gonna have the worst animations imaginable with super weird facial expressions.




There are nude skins/models/patches you can download for the games Garry's Mod pulls content from, if you want. That's about as far as I think I can help.

There are also nude models available from Source Film Maker resource websites, for the characters in Garry's Mod by default, and for a lot of fictional characters like the Vocaloids, Seras Victoria from Helsing, Lara Croft, and many, MANY more. Some may be findable on the steam workshop, but that's not very likely for what I assume are obvious reasons.

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On 1/24/2023 at 5:15 AM, deadburrito said:

Are there any mods that can make models have sex? Its kinda hard to get off to ragdolls n it would be cool if they we could interact with em.

Pretty sure there is that old rape mod, where you were allowed to use gun to charge in the ass with animation. Kinda same like that one skyrim mod with werewolf rap to death or smthing. Not sure if it's grandeur anymore since it's very ancient.

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