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Passion animations not playing

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I just installed Passion but every time I try to get my Sims to play out an animation, they just teleport into whatever object was selected and stand there merged inside each other until I reset them. Their motives still go up and they get all the moodlets. I'm not sure it's a mod conflict since I tried clearing out my mods folder (except for NRAAS) and still had the same problem. Is there a file missing?


I have the following files installed in my Passion folder:

  • Animated_WooHoo_Passion_Ver2.7.6.7
  • BarMaid_Service_v2.
  • cmar_XCAS_corefull69.43.package.disabled
  • MMD_Dance_Pack
  • Motives_Changer
  • Passion Condoms
  • Passion CumMasks
  • PoleDanceAnimations
  • SeeMyu_TheExoticPole
  • Spaceman_ Peener
  • and 3 OKW animation packages by Amra, MaryJane and OLLCity

(The CMar package isn't here bc I already had the separate files I wanted downloaded in another folder.)

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