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Thanks to all the modders

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The title says it all.


Built a PC a month ago & came from ps4. Always loved fo4 but have a totally new lease of life with all the available mods. 

Did the same as everyone does and stacked mod after mod, crashed the game then read & learned...fixed it and...wow!


Lovin the AAF, superb work. Still getting to grips with this but adds something special to the game. The mod install guide was a huge help & fixed a few issues i had. Nice work.


Just finished a sesh with mff nailing away in sanctuary. Spent time on cbbe bods making a nice preset & got the strap mod to finally run....(my bad, read the instructions properly next time!)would love to see more animation on solo girl or group but figured out multiple scenes. I need to build a dude body now as bouncing on an invisible guy looks weird.....lol. 


Have a great new year mod guys, gals & team.  Thanks.


Dildo,solo girl & inanimate object animations, would be great.....or point me at them... (still learning/ finding files). Really liking the site.


Thank you.

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