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Trying to solve "No Animation" bug.

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Do variables exist only in the scripts and the saves and while the game is running?  is there somewhere else in geck that shows them? 

Is there some way to load saved games and view the data?


Im trying to solve the "animations wont work" bug because i keep running into it constantly and have no idea how many saves ago it stopped working, and dunno what npcs or animations are effected in what saves.  Right now none of my companions will eat me out (so sad).  At first they would do nothing with me, then i pressed Y and after that they were behaving except for eating out animations.  and they still wont interact with each other.  I suspect that one time i told them to fuck each other and it failed(many many saves back) that they were going to eat out.


this bug can effect one npc, or yourself, or one animation it seems.  And it can SPREAD LIKE A DISEASE to other npcs and animations.  and whats worse is its saved in your saved games FOREVER bugged.


Im still trying to learn geck and the scripts, theres so many.  But my theory is that once the animation fails to start(for whatever reason, who cares), whatever variables that decide animations to run are permanantly offset.(specifically the ref ones cuz it would likely be obvious to reset the numeric ones in scripts)  Cant think of anything else it could possibly be.  I dont really care what is causing animations to fail because it seems to rarely happen, but the part where they NEVER WORK AGAIN is what im trying to solve.


Is there some way to load and edit variables within saved games?  If not then if i could attempt to make an esp to load 1 time that would reset the sexout values (in player, all npcs, and animations) that are nessessary for animations to play.  This would be an easier way for me than actually fixing the bug itself.


If anyone has a list of only the variables taht are nessassary for animations to start, it would be appreciated LOL.  And btw i can kinda read scripts but still dunno how to make them so if anyone wants to go ahead and make that esp, dont wait on me. :P

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