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Looking For Leito's OLD Animation GUN Mod

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Can someone please send this old version with the gun to me please? The new version Leito made is is nowhere near as easy to use as with the gun and such a step down from it in general, the animations are all bad and glitchy too and the gun version of the mod was way superior. Please and thank you I eagerly await a reply! ❤️ 

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The Old FO4 Animations by Leito ( Gun Version ) was perfect imo cause you could put up or set a timer to have the animation play for a long while but now on the latest versions ( Before AAF ) it is requiring a lot of stuff to be installed in order do basically the same thing but with a few more options, Not sure if the Version that had the Adjustable Timer was before ( FO4 Animations by Leito - 1.2 ) or the one above it but something tells me that it was v1.0.


Sadly there are no Links to the Old Fallout 4 Animations by Leito like an Archive that has the Old ones & current ones Listed.


If anyone would happen to have the one that has the adjustable Timer & is also the Gun Version , let us know were to acquire it.

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I also thought there was possibly a workaround with this too.  Something like AAF, Leito anims and AAF SEU.  Still need Buffout4 which is up in the air.  Well, of course you can downgrade, but I'm trying to avoid that and just wait.  It's gotta get updated eventually.


I think Carabosse's Happy Hookers had a feature that added anims without the long list of requirements, but that changed at some point.  So many requirements makes it tough.  You hit a brick wall sooner or later.

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