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Fallout 4 Foothead Mutation

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CBBE Curvy Required + "meat" mod from nexusmods


Come one, come all and try the new concentrated, irradiated formula that's got the whole extreme bodymod fetish market abuzz!


Footheads! That's right! Time to add some crazy kink to your wasteland lifestyle and turn your head into a cute wiggling foot!



So myself and a friend FINALLY got around to reviving an old mod I lost a few years ago and what's more, we brought it to Skyrim! (see the 'Helm of Greater Foothead')


But now we've finally accomplished the original goal with a combined effort and we've made this neat little gadget!


As with the Skyrim foothead, this upload is for archival purposes


Hard Requirements:


You MUST have the "meat" mod from nexusmods (its the one with the wormy head guy)

you'll need the files which I obviously can't include herein, get the main .esl version, as

that file is the master file for this for various technical reasons that made it easier to do.


You must also have CBBE Curvy (you can try using another variation but I cannot guarantee it'll work)


Suggested Additions:


An in depth image editing program that can handle .dds files (ie, paint.net, GIMP, photoshop)

You'll want this if you want to mod the skintone of the foot


Outfit Studio +Bodyslide for adjustments


FH Official Release.zip

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