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Unethical Deeds teammates array error

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I keep getting a bunch of errors in the console relating to an uninitialized array for active teammates. I don't know which of the 3 UD related mods would have introduced it or how to fix it. It isn't causing any problems from what i can tell but it would be nice not to see the errors.

[UnethicalDeeds.esm] Error in script 1C002A85 in mod UnethicalDeeds.esm
ForEach expression failed to return a value
[UnethicalDeeds.esm] Error in script 1C002A85 in mod UnethicalDeeds.esm
Operate <- failed to evaluate to a valid result
Script line approximation ##arrEntry <- arrActiveTeammates## (error wrapped in ##'s)
		Where arrEntry=uninitialized array, arrActiveTeammates=uninitialezed array
	File: UnethicalDeeds.esm Offset: 0x0457 Command: <unknown>


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