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FuroTrap Improved

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By feanor69

(Reposted as original appears lost)



FuroTrap gives the standard Oblivion Mine Traps a special effect.  When triggered, the mines trap the victim in a Daedric tentacle pit (a bath or "furo" as they say in Japan).  Once trapped, the victim is forced to give birth (or orgasm), which summons Daedric Scamps.  These Scamps then run wild, attacking and imprisoning any other victims they can find. Mayhem ensues.

See screenshots included within this download manager.



-= How do I use this mod? =-

In addition to changing how Oblivion Mine Traps work, this mod also adds 3 new spells to the player's inventory:


  • FuroTrap Summon (cast trap on a target)
  • FuroTrap Summon Self (cast trap on player)
  • FuroTrap Settings (adjust trap settings)



-= Who is to blame? =-




-= What does the Settings Spell do? =-



Victim Gender:

Options available:  Female only, Male only, Both Genders
 This controls which gender of victims are affected by Spell

  • Female Only   = Trap only affects female victims, males are immune
  • Male Only      = Trap only affects male victims, females are immune
  • Both Genders = Both male and female victims are affected



Strip Victim:

Options available:  Off, On, On (Force)
 This controls removal of victim clothes. Clothes are re-equipped at end of Spell

  • Off            = Leave victim in current clothing

                              Clothes will not be shown during pregnancy

  • On            = Remove any clothes victim is wearing
  • On (Force) = Replace clothes with default nude body.

                               Not recommended unless you are having issues

                               with victims automatically re-dressing while still in trap.



Trap Type:

Options available:  Random, Bath only, Chair only
 This controls which type of Trap is summoned by the Spell

  • Random = 50/50 chance of summoning Bath or Chair
  • Bath       = summon Bath-type Trap only
  • Chair      = Chair-type Trap only



Trap Mode:

Options available:  Orgasm, Pregnant, Orgasm/Pregnant
 This controls how Scamps are Summoned by the Trap

  • Orgasm                = Victim will be brought to orgasm every time (Scamps Summoned)
  • Pregnant              = Victim will be made pregnant every time (Scamps Summoned)
  • Orgasm/Pregnant = Victim will be made to orgasm until willpower/endurance is drained (whichever is higher at start)
    • Scamps will not be summoned during the draining
    • Victims with high Willpower or Endurance may be released before being completely drained and without giving birth
    • The more often a Victim is trapped, the quicker the drain occurs, so even powerful victims may succumb eventually.  Once drained, victim will be impregnated from then on (Scamps Summoned)



Event Rate:

Options available:  Low, Medium, High, Very High
 This controls rate at which Mode events (orgasm or pregnancy) occurs

  • Low          = Mode Events occur every 80 seconds
  • Medium   = Mode Events occur every 60 seconds
  • High         = Mode Events occur every 40 seconds
  • Very High  = Mode Events occur every 20 seconds



Total Events:

Options available:  4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 24, 48
 This controls the number of Mode Events that must occur before victim is released
 Mode Events times Mode Rate is the total time the victim will remain trapped before release.
 For example: Mode Rate High (40 seconds) with Mode Events 6 = 240 (
4 minutes until release)

  • Default is 6



Scamp Summoning:

Options available:  Off, On, On (Player Ally)
 This controls if Daedra Scamps are Summoned by the Trap

  • Off                    = Scamps are not Summoned regardless of Mode selected below
  • On                    = Scamps Summoned, they are hostile to Player and NPCs, they cast Summon Trap
  • On (Player Ally) = Scamps Summoned, they are hostile only to NPCs, they cast Summon Trap
    • Note that they will not attack Player unless provoked, but their ranged Summon Trap spell could hit Player by mistake so remember to stand clear



Scamp Effectiveness:

Options available:  Normal, High, Very High, Low
 This controls how quickly Scamp Trap Spells stack on victim

  • Normal     = +10 stack (requires 4-5 hits on most low level victims)
  • High         = +20 stack
  • Very High  = +40 stack
  • Low          = +5 stack



Audio Type:

Options available:  Simple, Estrus, Lovers (Random), Estrus/Lovers (Random), Lover (Voice #X)
This controls which sounds are played during trap

  • Simple                           = No special audio files required, sounds are simple grunts
  • Estrus                            = Use sounds from Estrus mod (trap squish sound and victim voice)
  • Lovers (Random)           = Use sounds from LoversVoice mod (select a random voice)
  • Estrus/Lovers (Random) = Randomly use Estrus and Lovers voices
  • Lover (Voice #X)             = Use a specific voice from LoversVoice mod



This exits the Settings Spell Menu





-= Installation Instructions =-

#1. Requires: OBSE v0020:  http://obse.silverlock.org/


#2. Requires: Universal Skeleton Nif v1.81: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37596


#3. Requires: Improved version of the FuroGeneratorTrap v6.91:  (Alternate Links dead)
      Extract the contents of the .rar file's "Data" directory into your Oblivion\Data folder.
      Note that load order should be irrelevant since this mod doesn't rely on anything other than vanilla Oblivion.


#4. Recommended: If you want sexy moaning sounds, install both of these mods:
      a. Estrus v1.9r5:
      Note that you don't actually need to activate the Estrus mod, you just need

      the contents in the Data\Sound\FX\Estrus folder.
      b. Lovers Resource Pack
v2 or resources from LAPF itself : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/354-lapf/     

      For the contents in the Data\Sound\FX\Lovers folder.



#5. If you are having an issue with the Message text disappearing too quickly, check out this fix:

      http://www.loverslab...feb-9/?p=322189 (Link indecipherable)

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    OBSE v0020, Universal Skeleton Nif v1.81


Edited by LongDukDong
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Shouldn't you write

#2. Requires: You must use the LAPF skeleton when playing Lovers/LAPF. Only if you don't play Lovers/LAPF you need to install the Universal Skeleton Nif v1.81


Just to make sure people don't accidentally overwrite their LAPF skeleton.

Edited by fejeena
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Oh and wrong download section. It is not a Lovers mod. You can play it without Lovers. The original was in the Adult Mods download section.  . . . but who plays such a mod if he/she doesn't have a sex system (LAPF) installed?

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3 animations (kf) , 2 full body nif ,  2 furo trap nif   and 8 dds files.  ( ~10.9 MB )

And 87 MB sound files ( unpacked, not in the bsa )


I don't think they should be in the file without a big warning. They overwrite all 10 LAPF sound folders (ns1 to ns6 . . . )  And the Lovers Creatures mushroom sound.

If you use a sex-sound/moan replacer this Mod can overwrite all your changed sounds.

The whole sound folder should be in a extra folder "Install this if you don't have LAPF installed"

Or two folders

"Install this if you don't have LAPF installed"   with sound\fx\lovers\  and the 10 LAPF sound folders

"Install this if you don't have LoversCreatures installed"  with sound\fx\lovers\mushroom


You know people always ignore readmes.  :classic_wink:

And why  #4. Recommended: ... Lovers ... or ... LAPF ...    if the LAPF sound is in the file ?  Delete the Lovers part, keep the Estrus part.


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43 minutes ago, fejeena said:

And why  #4. Recommended: ... Lovers ... or ... LAPF ...    if the LAPF sound is in the file ?  Delete the Lovers part, keep the Estrus part.


10 hours ago, LongDukDong said:

I basically had this on my PC and copied his instructions to a text file and copied verbatim... correcting URL links.  Roughly 99% his own words.  But that... I'm gonna add.

I paraphrased his words, crossing out the V2 of the Resource pack as it was considered obsolete, and unable to find any record of a Resource pack v3.  There's that and his statement in the text that this was desired for the contents of the sound\fx\voice folder alone.  I basically reposted what I had on my old flash drive as best I could.

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  • 2 months later...

Ah, nope.   When it comes to this, the only thing I may do when it comes to a 're-uploaded lost' mod would be... trying to recover lost meshes/textures if any had vanished, and compressing all the folders into a .BSA (Bethesda Softworks Archive) file.... or files if one seems too large.  Makes installation/removal a breeze.

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  • 1 year later...

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