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How to convert a custom race mod from Skyrim to FNV?

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I'm looking for help on how to get a custom race mod for Skyrim to work in FNV. I cannot find any tutorials on this as they are all for Skyrim/FO4.


How to get Skyrim meshes and textures to show up in FNV?


How to get face animations to work for a custom race in FNV?


Is it better to make the plugin from scratch in the GECK or FNVEdit?


In case it is helpful to have the mod files on hand to explain how to get the meshes or textures to show in FNV, I have attached the Skyrim mod I am working to convert. I think I can do it if the above questions could be answered, any help would bring a thankful smile to me.


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Yeah but it's not quite up to my par, no face animations and the hair doesn't look good in FNV due to lack of physics. Hoping to convert the Skyrim one which I think looks better, but I can't figure out how to get Skyrim meshes and textures to show up on FNV.

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Well even if you port the hair yourself it will look the same, as both hair meshes are identical and it is not possible to have hair physics in FNV,


What you are planning to do is a rather complicated matter. You need some knowledge about 3D Modelling, Nifskope, Blender 2.49, GECK and maybe Photoshop (depends on if your textures are from LE or SSE).


You could export the head as .obj in Skyrim Outfit Studio and then edit it to fit a FNV body mesh with any 3D Modelling Program of your choice. Then import the head in FNV Outfit Studio and do weight painting. (You could also use Blender 2.49 for editing/weighting)


Skyrim textures should work fine as is in FNV as long as they are DXTx .dds (NVIDIA DDS Plugin, used by LE) and not BCx .dds (Intel DDS Plugin, used by SSE).

Of course you'd also have to assign materials in Nifskope to get the textures to display on your mesh.


Facial Animations use .tri files, but I have no experience with facial animations whatsoever so I can't say much about that part. Here is a .tri import/export script for Blender 2.49.

GECK is far superior than FNVEdit no matter what you do and I very much recommended this and here is a tutorial how to make a custom race with GECK.

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Yes I wasn't planning on converting the hair to FNV, it's even longer than the mod you linked earlier and would look odd without physics. 


I know it will be a big undertaking but I am willing to learn. I have some experience with nifskope, the GECK and Blender I haven't used for years but there was a time when I used both a lot so I can learn again. The textures are from LE so I'm not sure if that requires Photoshop.


Assigning materials to get textures to work was one of my main concerns, I'm not 100% confident on my ability with that. However your link about materials doesn't work since imgur has Loverslab blocked. Really, any links to tutorials that can help me get the meshes and textures working would be huge. The custom race tutorial will be useful, thanks, however that's premature for me as I need to get the meshes and textures working first.


I'm going to try the .obj port you talked about now. One question however, I remember Blender requiting some setup to work with .nifs. Does Blender still require third party .nif Blender scripts or does Blender 2.49 work with Bethesda assets out of the box? If I do require scripts, which version of them?


I am very thankful for your words so far, I hope I can have more of them.

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The Blender 2.49 that I linked already includes the .nif plugin. The following two tutorials are for armor, but much of the information still applies.





This tutorial uses Blender 2.9, Outfit Studio, Nifskope and GECK.


This tutorial uses Blender 2.49 and Nifskope.


I did a quick botch job to attach the head to the body. I Just moved it into place and snapped vertices.


The head is a bit further ahead compared to the other head meshes so you might have to adjust the neck.


You are probably going to have to edit the head texture , because you need to match the head color to whatever FNV body texture you are going to use or you will have a color mismatch.


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Posted (edited)

Thanks for more info, I've been looking through tutorials for a week now to learn. However I'm having trouble with the basics because all the tutorials are from different versions, and none that seem relevant are on 2.49 and for some reason the 2.49 that I downloaded from Nexus cannot open .obj files. The menus in each version are so different from each other that the tutorial becomes very hard to follow, for instance I still cannot find how to install addons for 2.49.


I installed 2.9 + the XNA and nif addons so that I could go along with the tutorial you linked, however that person does some things without explaining them so I get stuck. For instance I don't know how to get the big base model to appear in Blender and he doesn't explain how to do it. There are also some control differences that I cannot explain, for instance ctrl A doesn't select all nodes for but instead opens the Apply menu, and when I enter the same rotation angles as the tutorial says I get a completely different facing for the model. Thus the tutorial is hard for me to follow. There are things that I don't quite understand and aren't explained, for instance the Scene Collection in your screenshot is completely different from mine, as is the Scene Collection from the tutorial when I am editing the same mesh.


Is the way to begin this to load up the head mesh and the femaleupperbody.nif from FNV and try to get them to fit together?


edit: after going further through this tutorial I am learning more, however it occurred to me: I am trying to convert a skyrim mesh to FNV, but would converting an XNA .mesh for XNALara to FNV be an easier route?

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Generally I'd recommend you use a newer Blender version like 2.9x or 3.0x + Outfit Studio and only use 2.49 if you are forced to use it (animations, weapons, collision meshes, etc.)


The 2.49 on nexus should 100% have obj. export/import.

Installing 2.49 Add-ons is different from the newer versions as there is no add-on menu. You need to install add-ons by putting them into the scripts folder. For my install that would be "C:\Program Files\Blender 2.49\Bin\Blender\Scripts"


For the FNV base model that he uses he just used a .bsa extractor to extract the male body .nif file from "Fallout - Meshes.bsa" and then exported to .obj in Nifskope or Outfit Studio and imported into Blender.


When you export obj. with Nifskope it will automatically set up correct materials upon import in Blender. The textures will be missing, however that can be fixed by going to File-> External Data-> Find Missing Files and directing it to your FNV textures folder (though you need to have extracted any textures used by the mesh beforehand). Then rotate X=-90 so its upright. Once you have finished editing in Blender and want to import in Outfit Studio you need to scale it down to 0.1 and rotate by X=90.

There might be control differences, because there are multiple Keymap sets you can use, as well as customize the controls. I use the Blender 2.7x keymap and for me select all nodes would be "A". If in doubt you can just search which keys do what by going to Edit->Preferences->Keymap

I'm not entirely sure what you mean with the rotation angles being different, but when entering the rotation values e.g "3.5" try "-3.5" as well.


Also not sure what you mean with the scene collection being different.


It depends on which body you want to fit the head to, if you plan to use the vanilla FNV body you need to extract it from "Fallout - Meshes.bsa", if you want to use Type 4 for example you need to take the femaleupperbody.nif from that mod.


You can convert an XNLara mesh as well, but the process will still be the same.

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Thanks for more answers. I'm still working on learning the basics, after a week I'm only 16 minutes into that tutorial so, progress is slow. Going to take some hours to get much further through the tutorial this weekend and maybe figure this out. I'm still worried about how to get the head in-game with textures working even when I am done with the mesh work, but that's down the road.


I'm surprised there isn't someone doing character imports/conversions on something like Patreon. I know it's niche but I can't be the only one who is willing to pay for the work.

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