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Blocky NPC lips

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Hey guys,


I make a mod that edits and beautifies a lot of vanilla NPCs. One thing that bugs me though are the lips. They are blocky. Tintmasks (or at least the lip tintmask) seems to be exported along with the facegen data for the NPCs. Which means which ever lip mask you export the facegen with is there to say on the NPC, even if you have an alt tintmask installed. And even if I use a higher res lipmask when exporting, it's still blocky in game. I think the CK is restricting the exported lips to the vanilla default of 256x256? Does anyone have any fix or experience with this?



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Well I think I figured it out on my own... the face texture I was using was too small which I think also restricted the size of the tintmasks. Seems to be working now!




Ok maybe not... I thought I had fixed it, but it seems what really happened is when exported with a higher rez lipmask, it actually made the lip mask disappear all together. Since I was using a higher rez skin, it only made it appear that the lips were better.

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