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Hello guys,


Sorry if this was already answered, but couldn't find something similar. Is there a mod in which allows to decide traits for gender? Random example, male agressive and female not? Or men more physical, but women not? Stuff like that. Is there an option in which I can start a race and decide the traits for both genders? Or even 3, in case someone likes futas. For what I understood the only option is actually making 2 different races, although it would be nice to be immersive in the same race, have no idea if that is anywhere possible. Thanks in advance.

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At startup, it'd be mostly impossible. The only way to simulate this would be to have a 'blank' slate starting race and create 3 templates.


PCR = PC Race

PCR is main

make a PCR Template with like "Males only, sadistic, dominant"

make a PCR Template with "Females only, submissive, soft" et cetera

You'd probably have to use more than one planet and shuffle them around after changing.

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The only option at the beginning of a game, as far as I can see, is to choose an origin with a main and a sub race. You can make one of them male-only and the other female-only (I think these traits are included in LV). The other way would be to start with a normal race and then do some gen modification once you have it researched.

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