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Is it possible to add new animation to older version of Sexout? (Version 2.7.8)

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Now I know what you gonna say, I should try to keep my mods up to date, but this version I had invest lots of time with and also tweak many other mods for it as well) so I can't really just ditch it.


I wanna ask if anyone here know how to add the Fisto animation to this older version of Sexout? I know I supposed to add new idle animation but I tried it before and it didn't goes as planed, the position just seems always mess up, anyone can get me a rundown on how to do this?


The attachment here contain the Fisto animation from latest version of SexoutNG and the old version of Sexout I'm using.


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Nevermind, I figure it out.


Add Idle Animation in gameplay tab, then add Fisto to a formlist and add it to the creature script, couldn't get the animated object working for some reason soI just replace the Fisto model with the custom model from calyps, not perfect but I think it's acceptable. 

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