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I got following issues with MCM Menus of SexLab and SexLab Mods:


When installing SexLabFramework, the MCM Menu is instandly created and a Message is displayed saying something like "Registered 1 MCM Menu/s"

- thats fine!


When installing SexLab Romance, SexLab Submit and Random Sex Mod after that, I need to save & load the Game or even have to leave the current cell to get the MCM Menu Entries for this Mods to show in the Menu. Message like "Registered 1 MCM Menu/s" is then shown sometimes

- Is this common, or a bug?


After uninstalling SexLabFramework (By using the MCM Menu and then removing the Mods), SexLab Romance, SexLab Submit and Random Sex Mod the Menu-Entries stayed visible, but without any Sub-Entries within.

- Is this common, or a bug?


I was then trying to reinstall SexLabFramework but it did not create the MCM Menu Entries within the Menu-Entry for SexLab that was still present in the MCM Menu. I had to load a savegame from pre-install of SexLab where no MCM Menu for SexLab was present to get it working again.

Perhaps I have to load another cell, save the game and reload? Did not check that out.


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MCM menus can take some time to show up and disappear, that's afaik normal. Therefore if making a clean save for anything with a MCM menu make sure to run around a bit in game after deactivating the mod until the menu disappears. Only then save and reenable the mod or enable the update.


I'm not sure how MCM reacts on a new game, could take some time until it shows up. No idea if there are console commands to help it show up.

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