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Rag Doll effect


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So I have been messing with Geck and FNVEdit lately and I have been trying to figure out how to change a projectile's impact. 


What I am trying to do is not make my assault rifle seem like its shooting rockets that sends bodies flying. 


I have project nevada and i have changed the settings of the rag doll effect in-game but its still not "real" enough for me as bodies still seem to slide all over the place. 


Could someone shed some light on the topic? 

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The weapon record should list what projectile it uses. The projectile record should have the impact force setting.


But the more I read your OP, the more I think you mainly just want to change the projectile type. If that's the case, search the projectiles for the one you want and change the weapon to use that projectile.

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Sorry if I ain't clear, but I am not trying to change the projectile type. 


Rather I am trying to change the impact force of the projectile type I have chosen. 


Because the effect I am currently getting is that after the target dies, the body goes flying half way across the room like I hit them with a truck as opposed to a gun. 

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Well then as far as I know, I've already answered that question. The Impact Force setting in the Projectile assigned to the weapon determines the physics force that the projectile applies to what it hits. As an example:


Dart - impact force = 0.00

10mm - impact force = 5.00

44 mag - impact force = 10.00

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