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A new mod, Lady Lucretia, a Succubus Follower [Nexus]


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by Zaarok (saxo74) First mod !!!!

Succubus Race by Nikitaa REQUIRED


CHECK OUT THE MOD AT : Lady Lucretia - A succubus Follower



Succubi, those sexy demonical entities.
Who could think that they would be part of our life ? Facts have given us the proof that they may exist in our world.

A shopkeeper named Nikitaa was the only one able to tell us about them.
This is what she said :
"Succubi were born in Oblivion. They were created by Sanghin himself, the Daedra god of lust, to entertain him.
Satisfied with them, he had given them the permission to spread the lust throughout the world. Inspite of there appearance, Succubi are not evil and hate hurting people they need, but NEVER  UNDERESTIMATE THEM they can hit you severely .

After the Oblivion crisis, the number of Succubi fell; many of them have remained stuck in Oblivion. But it is said that some of them know the way to return to Mundus ..."

This story is about Lucretia, one among them, a reddish skinned one.
Some say that she had been a true support of the Hero of Kvatch in Cyrodiil, but well it must have been another joke of drunk men.  How could it be possible ? Well, daedric powers seems to be so powerful, so who knows ?

What is sure about her, is that she will be a part of your story, and you'll have to encouter her in the Hall of Dead.


Embrace your destiny as a dovhakiin and let her go with you to live your epic adventures !


Loving sexy characters ? Even if it is'nt lore-friendly ? Well, this follower is for you !!

Lady Lucretia is a follower using weapons to fight.
Her fighting style is close to a spellsword character, BUT she can also uses dual wield style or 2handed weapons. She has got some perks helping when using those weapons
Behind her charming look, she is able to defend using Flames, or Succubus Drain. But she is a dangerous fighter. And because she was the favourite of Sanghin, she has recieved her weapon
(equivalent to an imperial sword)


Lucretia, like other succubi prefers wearing some sexy clothes, so, her default outfit includes the armor of seductress from Nikitaa. You can marry Lucretia, but don't forget that she is a succubus and she loves lust !!!!



Succubus Race Mod is REQUIRED

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