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Script help: Jailbreak


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Trying to make a small script where an NPC will get you out of jail.  Hit a roadblock when I found out that the "IsPlayerinJail" condition is hardcoded, and I can't find how to leave jail without A) Serving your time or B) Getting charged with a jailbreak.


Anyone know a work around for this?

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Generally, when you're done resting through your jail sentence, the game does a PayFine on the Player to have them exit the jail (minus the gold for your CrimeGold and minus all your stolen items). You can simply have the NPC initiate a script which has Player.PayFine somewhere in it. You may want to check how much money the player has vs. their current CimeGold and have the player be given any shortfall so PayFine actually completes.

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That is all well and good, but if you break out of jail (no matter how it happens) your Bounty SHOULD go through the roof. Run away and join the thieves Guild! Come over to the (slightly dark) side. If you are are using Lover's mods, try Immoral Sisters.


Honestly - and I am very interested in a mod that lets a "PC" friendly NPC initiate a jailbreak - there SHOULD be dire consequences for escaping jail. Either run away, hide yourself for awhile, or Kill Kill Kill!


Scenario: You have a buddy that sneaks in and breaks you out of jail. The alarms have been sounded! It is now YOUR responsibility to get you and your saviour to a safe zone - or maybe even a "safe house" - and hide out and/or lay low for a few days.


Maybe Ichobod could weigh in on this matter. Sounds like a new quest for Player Slave Encounters....

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Okay, yet another snag.  Player.PayFine gets me out of jail fine, RemoveAllItems gets all my items back...but the game still thinks I'm in jail, so I can't Sleep or Wait because I'm "in jail".


IsPlayerInJail still returns a 1 too, obviously connected to the above.


EDIT: Okay, apparently it clears up once I go to a new cell.

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Oops, I forgot to mention that. It's why the Jail marker TP location (destination for being put OUT of jail) in the vanilla cities is located in another cell vs  where the jail cell door marker is (destination when put IN jail). If it requires a cell change in addition to that...well, that's odd ;)

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