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TWB Physics issues

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So this is my first time using physics mods. I have no clue what I'm doing But I figure its pretty much just plug and play like most mods? (I feel like I'm wrong though) Basically I just want to know what is going on here and how to fix it. Do i need those 3 physics mods for the physics to work?  (I feel like the answer has been staring me in the face and I'm just really dumb) Screenshot_9.png.ebbffcd587160c0062a806310e1927e3.png

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I think the best answer is to start game with all mods disabled (unless using start me up, then just have that enabled, or Deviously Cursed Wasteland) until you get out of the vault if running Vanilla start or just get to post war if running Start me up, make a save, exit, enable mods, and should be ok from there.  Some stuff just doesn't work right in "pre-war", and some will downright get borked a bit if enabled during that part.

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No worries.  If you want to start the game with just looksmenu/startmeup enabled and make a preset for your face, that might work best.  Because if you are like me you'll be starting a new game a bunch in order to get mods to work etc, so you can just go to sanctuary, talk to codsworth, get access to the workshop there, and then use command

SLM 14

That will open looksmenu and you can bring up your preset and make any other changes.  But if you go into the overlays you;ll likely "T" pose, that's ok just after you hit Done, long press V to enter workshop and that will get you out of the T pose.  There's also a way to toggle free cam so you can look around in looksmenu in a settlement but I haven't messed with that.  It may also be worth it to make a save there after you get your character looking nice again with no other mods enabled yet, and copy that save somewhere else, that way you don't have to go through that every time and can just delete your saves and copy that first save over when you want to start over again.

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So, I am actually having the same issue, however it hasn't been solved, I reinstalled the game, deleted every plugin for F4SE, and re put them in mod, by mod. and still, there's a bone in the breasts that sticks so when I crouch (sneak mode) it's floating, at this point, I'm about done with making physics work for a body, but if anyone can help me, to figure this out I'd be thankful.


Would you need the files or the load order?


Edit: Just so your aware, I am out of the Pre-War, and enabled the files post pre-war. Still have stretching breasts, because they refuse to animate as intended.


Fallout4 (gyazo.com) That's what I'm dealing with.


Edit 2: I figured it out - had to install the skeleton under the base files, instead of using the DSF file spot.

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On 1/13/2022 at 3:40 PM, grizlapolli said:

Edit 2: I figured it out - had to install the skeleton under the base files, instead of using the DSF file spot.



I'm not sure what this means, what's a dsf file spot?  Make sure to use a mod manager such as either Vortex or Mod Organizer 2.  I can't tell if you are trying to install mods manually or not by your description.

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You don`t happen to use Unique Player and Followers Redux with Unique Male Player and Follwers option active? When using OCBP/OCBPC the female player model behaves just like seen in the screenshot, this happens in my game, too, but it doesn`t affect NPC females or female followers. You just have to use the player esp matching your player characters gender.

And to answer the question in the first post: Yes, you need all three, but there is just one physics mod (OCBP), MTM 3B is just a preset file for OCBP and 3BBB Physics adds the needed bones to the skeleton by replacing the vanilla skeleton file, just make sure not to overwrite it with ZEX skeleton in case you are using BT3 as male model. You would need an additional mod like Gender Specific Skeletons to use BT3 with a non ZEX based based model such as CBBE or TWB including the 3BBB option.

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