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Sometimes this game just makes me laugh.

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I can share one of the funny events I had.
One of the new followers who I was trying out named Lucretia, me and her was clearing this place out for the bounty of 100 gold.
As soon as we reached the top, where that briarheart druid chilling at so we can kill him. He turned around in a superfast fury and let loose his icy spells. I dodged them quickly and hid behind a pillar but Lucretia using the poor AI system was hit on full force. I have combat rape enabled. Lucretia dropped to near death status and got raped like really fast due to her being a imperial with no frost resist. That's normal right but what happened wasn't normal.
I just saw two people being frozen to death but having sex anyways with all that glimmer aftereffects of the icy spells he dished out. It surprised me enough to take a screenshot. Cuz briarheart got hit with his own spell too as he teleported lucretia to his position. I suspect both of them was hating life at very moment.





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