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Sure lets give this a go-round, why not.



Real Name: (Unknown)

Given/Nick Name: Koko

Race: Hispanic


After being shot in the head, Koko, as she calls herself now, is suffering from an acute case of amnesia, possibly caused by the trauma of the wound and emergency surgery. Highly educated and displaying a very high level of intellectual comprehension, Koko is highly skilled in the subjects of Science, Medicine, Business and is very skilled in the arts of persuasion. Unfortunately (relatively speaking), possibly as a side effect to the trauma of an extreme brain injury and a near death experience, Koko has developed the condition of acute Nymphomania.


Dr. Mitchell, her surgeon responsible for removing the bullets is quoted as stating, "The woman was insatiable as soon as she was able to stand on her own two feet. The first thing she did after she stood up was fall to her knees and masturbate in front of me...twice."


Koko appears to be fully recovered physically from her wounds and has returned to wandering the Mohave as a courier though there is question about her psychological stability. She has taken to being an exhibitionist, wearing almost nothing during her travels which only serves to encourage on lookers to take her up on her sexual advances.


It is currently unclear is she has a political affiliation, but she currently reported to be "rendering services" to the NCR at Fort McCarron and the Crimson Caravan Company outside of New Vegas.


Yup... that's her outfit... the whole thing.







Koko just being friendly and saying hello.





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Those are nice! I love the curve of the breasts. Reminds me of the Manga body for Oblivion without the killer hips.


Thats cause I played Dr. Frankenstein. I sliced the tits off the manga body and stitched them on the type 6. Right now some poor bitch is bleeding to death in Tamriel so that my Takchawee could get these implants

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