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How do I have a specific Sim wear "clothes" while taking a shower or bath?

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Hi, guys.
I know the request in the title is pretty bizarre, especially when I think about how many threads I've read to solve this very problem (which absurdly I've never had, despite the amount of mods I've installed).
I'm trying to create a very accurate version of Adam Jensen (protagonist of Deus Ex Human Revolution and Deus Ex Mankind Divided) in The Sims 4.
My original idea was to render his augmentations as tattoos, but The Sims 4 (and consequently also The Sims 4 Studio) doesn't allow tattoos with 3D effects.
So the augmentations remain flat and graphically unpleasant.
The only solution is to create something that is a garment to be worn by the Sim involved, and I thought of creating them in the category gloves for the arms, and socks for the legs.
The problem obviously arises when the Sim takes a shower or a bath, or in all those contexts in which the game identifies him as naked.

So I'm looking for a way to make those specific accessories (his augmentations like gloves and socks, and his shields off in the glasses category) stay in place no matter what.
By doing this though, I don't want other Sims in the game to start having clothing on while they are naked.
Also, if I were to be able to make those accessories with this parameter, would I have to create a new game, or could I already use it on an existing Sim?


I hope some of you can help me, and excuse me if my English is a bit strange, but it's not my native language.

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On 11/24/2021 at 11:30 AM, wild_die said:

What if you create it as a skin tone? Like the mermaid scales from Island Living, but all over? Could that work?


Not a modder, just tossing out the idea.

Hey, ciao.

The problem with using a skinton is that the augmentations remain flat, without the 3D effect, so it would be like a tattoo. But I will definitely create a specific skinton to use on the "Adam Jensen" sim.

18 hours ago, erplederp said:

@LilythArdat The thread below might be relevant for you. This way you can have a nude look with the accessories you like.


Ohh, thank you so much. Gonna check this rn. 

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