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[Type 3 Cali for Bodyslide] Body model is messed up in-game despite having the required skeleton

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Hello everyone 


I tried using the Type 3 Cali for body slide mod for New Vegas (Type3 Cali for BodySlide at Fallout New Vegas - mods and community (nexusmods.com))but when I'm using the body mesh that I builded it show up in game like this...





The butt and the around the ovarie area seem strect out into the unknown, similiar problem to when you install bnb body without a supported skeleton.

Only support that I get from the nexus mod page is that someguy also had a same problem as I did and the mod author said it was a skeleton problem.

But I already install the bnb animation and the skeleton (AppleJam) and I was ablet to get all the previous body mesh with bnb support working flawlessly without any problem (T3BnB, T3FBnb T6Bnb)


So...anyone here know what I did wrong here?

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