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E.C. Hosiery 6 Strap Garter Belt

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E.C. Hosiery 6 Strap Garter Belt

EC Hosiery presents our new 6 strap garter belt modeled by Erin! This must have accessory is Kinky World enabled and comes in 5 colors (Black, Cream, Burgundy, Mint, and Lavender).


More variations are forthcoming as we add patterns and other details. 


KW# 0x606BA31331204B67


Note: This is my very first creation that is completely original. While there is an 8 strap garter belt out there (which I tried to convert, but failed), this is the first I am aware of for TS3 with 6. Thus, I'm pretty excited I was able to pull this off. 


There is one small issue with the overlay that I have not been able to resolve with the garter clips. If anyone can help me resolve that, I would appreciate it


As usual, enjoy, and leave me your feedback! 


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