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I've been having an issue when adding an overlay containing buckles/clips/etc. for garter straps for my last two files (the corset and bustier). The overlay works fine on other files that are designated left garter in TSRW (buckles and clips are correctly displayed as white/silver), but the buckles turn black used on an item designated as right garter.  In addition, when using CMAR's Female Penis, the penis is also displays the colors of the accessory being worn. I think the problem is that I need a clothing mask installed, but I'm not sure,


I'd like your input on how to correct it.


As an aside, does anyone have an overlay for garter strap buckles?

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Examples of the problem. Both outfits are accessories. As you can see, the garter clips are mis-colored. And you can see that the penis is taking on the accessories color.


The final picture shows everything working correctly. The difference is that the garter belt was created based on the silk stockings accessory, while the bustier dds files were copied from a clothing item and imported into an accessory.


This one has me stumped



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Fixed it! There were several hidden files that went undetected. I ended up re-creating the file from scratch in order to eliminate the errors. Lesson one: try not to use someone else's multiplier. Two, Paint.net may not be the best program for editing dds files. Evidently there was a hidden mask file in there that TSRW and Paint.net didn't see

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