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SR Kurama stripless recolor mod (STEAM)

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Finally, 2 days messing with blender, photoshop and the damn .ini...

i was able to do a simple mod from scrach.


It reemplace SR Kurama from Nyotengu.


I delete the knots and strings, i sculped the nips a litte, and added 3 vibrant colors,

also did manually the .ini to swich the colors on game.


I am happy with my first mod... simple but pretty.




Thanks to Teddy and Kuro (and a lot of others modders) for the tutorials and mods (i did some inverse re ingeniery... to understand how it works )


Sorry for my bad english, my mother tonge is the spanish


I accept any critics or advices

SR Kurama stripless recolor (STEAM).rar

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By the way, can some one guide me to put this mod en the custome customizer?


I dont know how to do it, when i load my files in the cc the weights fail and looks like this


What i am doing wrong? i try to upload it like solid, like alfa, in the chess seccion, in the bra seccion, panty seccion,

some advices for me?


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