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Looks like low res. Is this also on npc's or only yours? 


Maybe you can try install a body texture. I myself use Demoniac (sweaty 4k option in fomod installer) 


You also need to post load order, so someone can spot the problem. 60+ views and no response is probably lack of information. 

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40 minutes ago, anjenthedog said:

If you mean the vertical striping, that happens under certain lighting conditions (I use 4K textures, so it's not low res textures). I have an old copy of Quick Spotlight that causes the same "moiré" pattern.


But if you're referring to the wrist seam, idk.

Thanks, I am using 4k textures so I didn't think it was that. One thing I might try is an option with the skin texture to disable surface scattering- whatever that is, lol. And the hands just needed to be rebuilt in BS and weren't really a concern. :)

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