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RimJobWorld Compatible races.


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I don't think there is a list, but you can just download the race support mod (link should be somewhere in the first three posts of the RJW thread) and look through the patches.


It shouldn't really matter though as even "unsupported" races will still get generic parts.


Just try a few, but don't download all at once ?


However, patches aren't rocket science (especially since you can just copy most of them with little adjustments), so you should be able to make then yourself (if you need help it's probably a good idea to join the discord).

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  • 2 months later...

MANY races are supported, but some when combined cause some issues. Like Arcotech and the Forsakens, if you combine those 2 races in your load order Forsakens can no longer get pregnant. I'm almost positive Arcotech was causing that issue. (arcotech race mod, gives you the green people)


I've been up for like 3 days so my memory is fucking wonky atm but there was a few other issues with multiple race mods not cooperating but I can't remember.

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