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Is there a method to increase number of female babies born compared to male ones?


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Hello, I'm looking for a mod or some easy fix to increase number of girls born compared to boys? For certain krhm... reasons I would like my dynasty to give birth to more girls than boys. However I don't want my dynasty to exclusively only have girls, more like some adjustable ratio like 25% male, 75% female. I only found this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2523176958&searchtext=birth which lets one use decision to either have only male or female babies, but nothing that lets me adjust the rate.

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I didnt played it yet because paradox always needs some tweaking and mods before a game fits to my tastes, but i think i found what we both searched ^^

In common/defines/00_defines.txt search for NChildbirth and change the FEMALE_CHANCE to your desired value...for me its 100 because i dont want to fabricate anything with a dick ^^


edit: I should reload open tabs before posting ^^

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10 hours ago, Kuulamies said:

Thanks for the help. However, does changing the female chance only affect my dynasty or does it affect the whole game? I only want this to apply to my dynasty.

It affects the whole game, if you wanted to have it only on your dynasty then you would probably have to do some custom event happening on birth that changes a percentage of the males born into females.

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On 9/13/2021 at 10:55 AM, bunt776 said:

Just take the mod you linked and move the

            set_pregnancy_gender = male

inside a random list with a chance of 75 for male where applicable.


Adjust as you want.


Assuming the original mod works. I didn't test it.

dbg_pregnancy_event_75_chance.txt 1.77 kB · 5 downloads

I tested it and it seems it works just as intended. Thank you very much and also everyone else who replied.

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