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New Spa Day gender-specific doors kills tuning of previous gender-specific doors

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Respect gender specific doors turned on (using WickedWhims v165j-223) all previously-created gender-specific doors (using tuning from the King's Door) no longer work.


I created a one-room building and put all of my previously-created gender specific doors on it (used with the males-only bathroom door A female sim walked right into it.  I removed every door except the new Spa Day males-only door, and finally the sim would not go through that one.



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Not quite so false alarm, unfortunately. The tuning:



still lets female sims into my all-male gay bar when I applied the tuning to doorSingle1x1_EF0GENglass (Seeing glass door).  I don't know if that's because a celebrity walked onto the lot or what.  I'll have to test more.


Edit: It's door direction. From the exterior of a building, if the door handle / door pull is to the left (green arrow pointing outward from the building) a female sim cannot get in.

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