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Looking for free MP3 to WAV converter


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Garret, you should use sony sound forge for bethseda game sound editing & dialog modding.


It's a powerful tool and you can master it in 3 day to make anything and everything that related to sounds and put your personality and value into it.


But if your're not into audiotory workshop.


Get formatfactory.

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Guest Shendar

I'm using AIMP Converter which is part of AIMP3 player. I work with OGG, WAV, MP3, FLAC and WavPack files a lot and it never failed me so far.

If I remember correctly, it requires external MP3 encoder to convert anything to MP3. Both player and MP3 encoder are absolutely free.


Format Factory is a good choice as well. A bit too heavy for my liking but it gets the job done.

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Currently I am using Music Maker 12 deluxe by Magix.... but it is more a Studio Software than just a simple converter. Anyway, it has got converting/ exporting options. The quality depends on your soundcard.. for me its 24-bits / 320kb/s





mp3, wav, ogg, and many other files are supported

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