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Wallpaper Engine?


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So I have been doing some searching for actual NSFW or even SFW Wallpaper Engine content.  I am finding A LOT of Anime/Hentai stuff, which is not at all what I am looking for.


I am aware of the fact that actual real life nudity is forbidden in the Steam Workshop, so I was wondering if there is an external place to get these kind of NSFW wallpapers.

I did find something in the Steam Workshop which comes closest to what I am looking for. Besides this I could only find cartoon/anime things.


I couldn't think of a better place to ask this question, let me know what you think!

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Using Wallpaper Engine you can add any files from your hard drive as a wallpaper, even mp4 or webm videos. Dont search for wallpapers, search for your own pictures/videos on the net and download them.. Some animations are made to loop perfectly so having non stop animations in the background is nice, Or pictures.

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