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Adding people to Sim world (Sims 4)

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I wonder if someone knows how to add, for example, Goths to my Sim world.

This is not for adding to the family itself, but rather an independent family.

I looked and was not able to really find something like that.


Of course i could add the for a short time to myself and move them to some other family. But i rather would like to move them to their own place.


Anyway, that is what i was wondering.



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You do that from manage world. You have to go through and move them into a lot. Sorry, I'm not in my game right now to pull through a more thorough way of doing it, but it is like editing a lot or a household. I also don't do it very often so it isn't something that I know inside out like some others do. You should be able to go in like editing a household and then move them in or just straight move in a household without making them part of your own household, if that makes sense.


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If you want sims to be NPCs in your world; after you make a "family" or "Household".  Just click the "X" next to their name in game (Right after you exit CAS) and said family will be moved into your "Unplayed not in world" category of sims.  At least that is how it works for me. 


NOTE: unless you place them in a lot and use cheats or something to give them special traits and skills these sims will be somewhat random with what they do in your world. 

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