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Going SexLab over Flower Girls

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Basically, I just need some advice here. I have FG, SexLabFrameworkSE_v163_BETA9, Amorous Adventures FG, FG-Immersive Wenches patch, Romance of NPC's FG, FG Adventures, Kinky Inn RoN patch (FG), Serena Dialog Add-on-AA patch (FG), and Aroused Redux FG installed. I want to uninstal all FG content and go with only SexLabs mods. But I don't want to lose any of the mods/compatibility I have. I also plan to add Follower Needs (SL), hoping there's a mod to turn the wenches into prostitutes, and maybe some creature sex too (advise please).


#1 Is this a good plan? (probably)

#2 Is it possible? (?)


Thanks for any advice/help, to point me in the right direction.


P.S. I'm fairly certain FG Cum Effects mod destoyed my game... LOOT report:


...FGCumEffect.esp:__  64 HITMEs


WTF does that even mean???






I thought I'd mention I can obviously find a lot of these myself. But others may know better than I what is available. Lots of hidden gems buried in here!


Amorous Adventures obtained... Plus Extended. -AAFG

SexLabArousedSSELoose-29 obtained... -ARFG

Arousal Based MatchMaker SE 2.2.6 -RoNFG


Creature stuff I'm checking out;

Creature Framework 1.1.0-pre2A-SE

FNIS Creature Pack SE 7.6

SexLab Aroused Creatures SE v04.06

SLAL SE Creature Animations by Sailing Rebel (SRB) v02.0

SLAL_Billyy_Animations_v2.91 -for the creature anims mainly


Other stuff I'm checking out;


ZaZ Animation Pack+ CBBE HDT V.8.0+SEREV3

Fertility Mode -instead of Beeing female(to script heavy-great mod though btw)

Milk-Mod-Economy -because breast milk is yummy ?

Milk Addict SE v0.5.3

The requirements of everything obviously...

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