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Are there any "physics playground" nude/sexy games?


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I'm thinking something like Dead or Alive VR, but not VR. A game where a 3d woman stands nude and you can use your cursor to pinch her ass and the skin actually ripples/shakes based on where you click. 


It seems to me the technology exists and is doable easily, even low-budget games these days have good physics. The graphics and whatnot are all there. For example, when you play UFC games on a console you can see the fighter's face react realistically to where it gets punched. The skin moves, the face indents, etc. Something like that, but instead of being punched in the face its the girls ass that reacts realistically to where you applied pressure. I know UFC is not a low-budget game but I'm just giving that for the sake of example.  


Also - I want to be clear I'm not looking for anything "vulgar". Like in Dead or Alive the girl would not react well to the groping and gave it a strange vibe, that's not what my goal is. I just want fully reactive body/muscle gameplay. The character can be a lifeless T-pose for all I care. 

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I highly recommend Virt-a-mate also known as VAM. You can get it on Patreon, I usually will subscribe once a year to get the latest build and it’s not too expensive. 

I made a wall with all kinds of miniature girls pinned up like butterflies, in all kinds of interesting poses. And yea you can play with them, full physics on all body parts….



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Virt-a-mate is good if you are willing to spend many many hours figuring out how to make scenes characters etc, its quite advanced and hard to get into.

If you are looking for something much more intuitive and simple and while lacking when compared to the above, True facials 4.0 (may need japaneese locale emulator) just made a surprisingly developed comeback and announced monthly update/s to expand on characters poses and functionality, its quite awesome while being much simpler to get into.


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