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the difference between fg180rev1 , fg , fusion girl

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i get confuse:

What is the difference between fg180rev1 , fg , fusion girl and about look menu support and look menu body gen?

What i want use morph and leito stuff ,aaf ... ect.....+  everything must move corecly.

some one can help me please.




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This are different names, basically. Only FG is what you find here, that is 1.80:


 Looksmenu support adds the sliders you see in bodyslide as advance body sliders in looksmenu. Bodygem support allow you to use bodygem templates to ramdomize characters bodies. Both are optional and recommended to use only with zero sliders presets in bodyslide. Also bodygem sometimes cause issues if you build body/outfit normally with presets in BS, so it not recommended to install if you are not going to use it. None of this options are needed for AAF work correctly.


From the fusion girl part, if fusion girl if working correctly in you game (ie, fusion girl and zex squeleton correctly installed) it will work correctly in AAF.
AAF have requirements on their own, other than working zex and body, so I suggest you take a look at the "fucking guide": 


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