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[SEARCH] The Sims Style Build Mode

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I have been playing very entertained with this Mod:

Jaxonz Positioner at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)

I know it is nothing new but it is truly glorious!!

The only problems are to get things with the console ... that is VERY tedious, or moving them from very far places to the exact place where you want to place them, or put them in the inventory ... because that sometimes does not work very well or have bugs. 

So ... my question (and doubt) is if there is something (mod) similar to the 'Build Mode' as in The Sims games, to be used as a complement to the Jaxonz Positioner ... I mean ... a kind of 'compendium' of easy access of the things of the game, and then it can be much easier to get them. That would make things a lot easier and much more fun!

Does something like that exist or am I dreaming too much?


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