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Frist camara issues

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So i have a problem than i hope some one know how to fix cose i ended up out of ideas. The camara in frist person works wird wile Wicked Whims animations are running. The hands (Upperbody from shulders to hands) moves with the camara wile in fist person and get clipped across the other body. Some one els have a problem like this?






PD: Thanks!

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Yes, thanks!


I actualy think they wanted to destroy the first person experience jajajajajaja.


As you can see in the photo the left hand its cliping and the right one its in the air. When you move the camara the upper part its trying to follow. I think its really stupid to try to implement a first person with body movement in a game like this mostly cose it will need a rework in animations and actions. To implement something like that its better to add it to sims 5 but when that goes out we will have Wicked Whims implented in Star citizen.

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